GLITCH is a niche hybrid magazine driven by fashion, technology and emerging talent. We uncover emerging talent by showcasing their creations, doing interviews and writing editorials. Our mission is to expose new talent to the industry helping them build the necessary bridges between their dreams and reality. We create truly unique digital fashion and art by bringing together creatives from all over the world from within the GLITCH community. We are a visual driven magazine aiming to introduce AR technology into print media. Through sensory stimulating imagery we showcase our talent and brands, maximizing community and business to consumer engagement.

At GLITCH we are aware the world is changing, being innovative should not come at the expense of being environmentally conscious. We believe Print is the ultimate medium to give you emotional and sensory connections otherwise lost in digital media. So we are faced with the challenge of maintaining a balance between delivering a high-quality experience without it costing the earth. Our focus on technology and innovation encourages us to embrace this challenge to develop a model where GLITCH can stay true to its purpose while being sustainable too. 

 GLITCH is made not to be thrown away, so we will deliver a high-quality magazine that can live in your shelves or coffee tables forever – a worthy collectable.

I started GLITCH as a project that aims to help recognise new talent in a highly competitive industry, drawing from my own experience. When I first started studying in 2015, I started off as a Fashion designer at Marangoni and found myself constantly looking for a team of people; photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, models, you name it, in networks like Facebook groups for Creatives looking to collaborate. And at times even amongst my university friends. I had little to almost no budget to produce the high-quality work to meet my course requirements, but most importantly the high-quality work I wanted and knew I could achieve. It was only until 2018 that I started developing GLITCH, where my goal was to create a platform that would help showcase and promote new talent to the highly competitive industry.

Meet the team!

Peyon is a proactive leader with a proficient work ethic. Working for startups within the Finance and Fintech sectors he has developed a unique understanding of startup financing and current monetary trends. Peyton has a bachelor's degree in finance, and has interest in the emerging markets of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency-related products. The disruptive nature and unique positioning of GLITCH within the growing metaverse industry is where he sees the most potential both creatively and financially. He grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia and now lives between London and Tenerife. He has a passion for politics, and in his free time enjoys running, stretching, writing and drawing.

Peyton Baird

Chief Financial Officer

Fernanda is a creative and result-driven entrepreneur specializing in publishing and digital business consulting. She studied at the Condé Nast College and worked for Tatler & Schön Magazine. She is passionate about creating a space for emerging talent to showcase their creative, tech-led, and innovative contributions to the fashion industry through her magazine, GLITCH. Fernanda was born in Mexico but raised in five different countries—Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and now the U.K. With a keen eye for culture, art, digital media & technology, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020 inspired her to launch GLITCH Magazine with the aim to uncover the next icons in a highly competitive industry.

Fernanda Ondarza Dovali


Brendan is a finance graduate from Acadia University in Canada. He has been actively investing and researching cryptocurrency since 2015. He led the development of the Acadia Investment Council, served as Student Union President, and currently sits as a member of East Valley Ventures, an Atlantic Canadian Angel investment group. Further to his work in crypto, he has given numerous presentations on technical aspects of blockchain to credit agencies, investor groups, and professionals, including an academic study into the implementation of different blockchain protocols into the global banking system.

Brendan MacNeil

Strategic Cryptocurrency Advisor

Hira is an avid marketer with more than 5 years of experience working as a hybrid creative and digital marketing manager. Her journey has been in advertising of working in renowned global agencies such as McCann World Group on brands including Nestlé, Samsung, Telenor and others. Her expertise include growing and sustaining brands using carefully crafted strategies, social media, meaningful content and striking creatives! She has numerous campaigns as feathers in her cap which span over brand, product, app launches and relaunches and phase-wise growth marketing.

Hira Masood

Social Media Manager

Audrey Xu is an artist and social media enthusiast. A Parsons School of Design graduate, she has worked as a social media lead at The Ancient Hardware, uncovering the ins and outs of Reddit, Discord, and Twitter. Aside from community management, she works freelance as a 3D modeler and animator.



Manuela is a Stylist, Graphic Designer and Digital Artist. She has worked with several brands doing their styling and concepts for their photoshoots and has been published in several Magazines such as Vogue Portugal, Mob Journal and others. She is passionate about New Media, Mapping, collages and experimenting with digital art. For her, creativity has no limit.

Manuela Montenegro


Divyam is a social media enthusiast and specializes in nurturing creative partnerships. Having built her career upon the new digital era, catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Divyam has worked for numerous startups in multiple industries based in cities such as Hong Kong, Doha and now London. Her portfolio includes the likes of This is Qatar- one of the country's biggest media outlets. She was born and raised in Hong Kong and uses her international upbringing to build bridges in the international world. Now, her aim is to skyrocket the online presence of GLITCH into the powerhouse fashion magazine it was made to be.

Divyam Gurung

Social Media ASSISTANT

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