a creative collective based on the idea that all things are connected. Displaying the philosophy that despite differences in geographical and historical origins, their design always takes inspiration, adapts and reinterprets of art. Another Skin – the opportunity to reinvent yourself at the speed of the digital world. Who are we? And who are we among 7 billion others like us? Does the Internet motivate a loss of personal identity?

A spellbinding digital illustration class – Drawing Cabaret Couture.

For as long as we can remember, ever since the 16th century fashion illustration has been an important part of well, fashion. From engravings, to etchings, to woodcuts to online classes. The illustration realm has come a long way, but we’ll spare you the history lesson. Introducing, Drawing Cabaret Couture, an online Fashion gallery creating …

A spellbinding digital illustration class – Drawing Cabaret Couture. Read More »

A dream-like vision, an interview with Sophie Corbett.

Sophie Corbett started her creative pathway with a Fashion Design major at the Heriot Watt University. However, she tells us that in her artistic discovery she caught herself fascinated by the work of the Communications major students wishing she could try it for herself. She always knew she wanted pursue a career in the art world, as it runs in her family, but it took her sometime to grasp exactly how she wished to express herself creatively.

A Body without its Flesh an ongoing project by Benjamin Francis

A feature on artist Benjamin Francis‘s. His research focuses on non-harmonic chords and errors shifted to related themes such as discipline, power relations, hierarchy, religion, and cleansing. Through a juxtaposition of several disciplines and hierarchical systems, he tries to force systemic errors that lay bare the foundations of power and vulnerability involved in human growth. His work consists of performances, sculptures, and elements of texts.

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