Interview GLITCH X OnClickCloset X Iana


Who are the faces behind OnClickCloset and the Sea Foam

What is OnClickCloset and IANA, and what are you trying to do on Web3?

About the collaboration, how you started your collaboration, what was the process?

What was the concept behind the Sea Foam collection, and how was it created?

Was there a transition from the physical world into the digital world? If yes, what was it like exploring this, what are your conclusions?

What advantages did digital fashion give you when you were creating the Sea Foam collection? Would it be possible to create it in real life? If yes, would you do that?

How important is it for digital designers to collaborate in the web3? How did you manage to produce the collection, working only online?

Who are you creating it for? How can people wear the collection?

What is the most important in digital fashion for you, and what message do you want your buyers to receive?

What does the future of Web3 look like for you? Where do you see your interaction headed.

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