Paper faces on parade’ and Beneath the Surface’ by Emily Grace Morgan


GLITCH ERR1.0 Feature

I first came across using a land-camera and polaroids when I was sixteen at college. I picked it up, took one shot and I knew this medium was for me; It was a Billy-Elliot moment and electricity definitely ran through me.

I've been 'perfecting' medium ever since and my passion and love has grown over the years. To start with, I was obsessed with making sure each frame was pin sharp and the correct exposure, and when the frame was less than perfect, I discarded it and this was the beginning of my degree project. Moving from my degree project. I've created a spin off series with the working title "Paper Faces on Parade" which is about addressing my issues when putting on a face to hide emotions that I struggle with every day. With this series, I've started to collaborate with designers to create and bring to life the idea of what a 'Façade' looks like, in colour and chaos.


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